Front Bump Stops (3rd Gen 4Runner, 1st Gen Tacoma)

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DuroBumps are quality made in the USA with dual durometer (hardness) rubber, to deliver smooth, progressive damping that significantly reduces hard bottom-outs and allows for greater control and comfort. OEM bump stops tend to feel rock-hard on contact. DuroBumps eliminate that harshness.

The DuroBumps DBF24R (primary) and DBF17T (secondary) are slightly taller than OEM bump stops, because they compress under load to lessen the impact just before full bump-out. These bump stops will not limit your wheel up-travel.

  • The DBR24R (primary) is the only aftermarket bump stop designed with a 14° taper, ensuring even contact upon initial engagement. Other manufacturers don’t even make a product specific to the 3rd Gen 4Runner and 1st Gen Tacoma, let alone have the required 14° angle built into the design.
  • The DBF17T (secondary) has a lower profile design, with less deflection and a higher durometer. It engages closer to full bump-out, functioning as a true secondary phase.
  • Both the primary and secondary bump stops are recommended for this application, for proper function and performance.

Compatibility: 96-02 4Runner, 95-04 Tacoma

Recommended Lift: 0-3 inches

Deflection / Compression: (Primary) 0.75 inch @ 1000lbs

Deflection / Compression: (Secondary) 0.3 inch @ 1500lbs

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    Features and benefits

    • Better handling – Dual durometer (hardness) rubber allows DuroBumps to act as secondary coil springs, increasing the compression load progressively in a smooth, predictable fashion.
    • 14° angle – With trucks’ bump stops being mounted to the lower control arm, the bump stop doesn’t contact the strike pad squarely. This causes shearing and damages the bump stop. DuroBumps’ 14° angle addresses the shearing issue by ensuring square, even contact.
    • Mounts in OEM location – DuroBumps easily bolt into the OEM mounting location, ensuring a proper fit with no modifications.
    • No loss of up-travel – DuroBumps will not reduce your suspension/wheel travel.
    • Increased suspension life – DuroBumps greatly extends the service life of the other suspension components by absorbing the shock load and helping prevent bottom-outs. DuroBumps protects your critical suspension components from excessive wear and extends service intervals for your shocks, ball joints, and control-arm bushings.
    • Reduced bump steer – By absorbing the suspension’s up-travel inertia, DuroBumps greatly reduce the energy applied through the tie-rod ends and steering rack, reducing shock load and wear and tear on inner and outer tie-rod ends, steering rack, and steering rack bushings.
    • Small, compact, application specific – Designed for specific truck models. No “universal fit” spacers required.
    • Smooth and silent – Unlike Hydro bumps, DuroBumps are whisper-quiet on contact.
    • Solid mounting base – A 3/16″ steel base plate ensures solid mounting and strong support for DuroBumps. The base plate is powder-coated to help prevent corrosion.
    • Provided mounting hardware – Every set of DuroBumps comes with JIS 10.9 zinc-coated hex-head metric bolts and single-use thread locker, ensuring a strong, secure fit.
    • Premium bump stops – DuroBumps are proudly made in the USA from the highest quality raw materials. You won’t find a higher quality bump stop anywhere.

    Note: For off-road use only. By installing these aftermarket bump stops on your vehicle, you assume all risk and liability. DuroBumps are not designed for towing applications. For more information, click here. Seller will not be held liable for any damages or loss associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason.