Tacoma Rear Spring Under Shock Mounts For 05-23 Tacoma

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When using our rear spring under kit for the Tacoma we recommend using our weld in shock towers to maximize the performance of your kit.  The towers are constructed out of 1/4" laser cut and formed plate for maximum strength.  Our towers allow you to mount a 14" shock under the bed while still allowing the axle to bump out on the frame.  The shock towers also allow the use of up to a 3.0" diameter bypass shock with the appropriate tube layout.

The towers are notched into the side of the bed and include top cover plates that bolt to the tower/bed.  We also include the cross bar plates and hardware so you can run the optional cross bar.  Due to shipping costs we decided not to provide you with the crossbar tube.  If you are unable to source the cross bar tube locally we are happy to supply one however we strongly recommend trying to find material locally as it will be significantly cheaper. 

We also include lower shock tabs that allow the shock to be mounted in front of the axle. 

Because the position of the shock towers is so far forward on the frame the gas filler hose needs to be re-routed in front of the tower.  We include a hose kit that allows you to do the re-route and still utilize the factory gas door. 

This kit will work on both second and third generation as well as short and long bed versions.  On the long bed the shock towers will be further back off of the cab then the short bed but the frame mounting is identical.