About Us

Why Overland Warehouse?

With an obsession with the outdoors and growing up in Southern California, I have been camping and wheeling since I was young. What started out as fishing trips to the Sierras, Elk hunting trips in Colorado, and desert weekends in Ocotillo has now brought us here. 

Overland Warehouse became an idea after countless wheeling trips. I wanted to have a parts company that while selling as many parts as possible, would give the customer the best advice for their needs. When shopping around we would notice that so many times as a customer you're stuck buying something solely off pictures not actually knowing what the product your ordering feels like, the quality of it, or how it even fits. 

On top of selling parts I want to give customer more than just a great shopping experience. This includes, Product reviews and unboxing of every product we sell, tips and tricks with installs, camping experiences, and most of all a community. Bringing people together on weekends to wheel, get their trucks dirty and hit some slider.

We don't have pavement princesses around here. Dont let the word "Overland" in our title tease you. We push our recommended products through the paces. Focusing on durability, strength and ultimately quality. 

Our Current Build is a 2013 Tacoma and we are starting to begin a 2017 JK. both these vehicles are pushed to the limit constantly both on and Offroad. we thank you for supporting us and taking this journey with us. We hope you find what your looking for and we can always get it if you do not see it on here!

Thanks for the support. We hope to see you on the trail with us. Dont forget to grab some of our great Apparel and support the Cause!