2014-2024 Toyota 4Runner Sequential LED Projector Headlights Pair Form Lighting

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Your 2014-2024 Toyota 4Runner deserves an upgrade, and sequential LED Headlights from Form Lighting are the perfect way to do it. These premium OE-grade replacements will add triple LED projectors, sequential turn signals, startup sequence, dual color LED running light, and a more modern appearance with blacked-out housings.

Triple Projectors. Two of the projectors are bi-LED units, providing output for both low beam and high beam illumination. The third projector provides extra illumination when you activate your high beams. With a sharp cutoff and high intensity, these units provide a serious upgrade.

Startup Sequence. These headlights are packed with modern lighting functions, including a startup sequence. Anytime the running lights turn on, they will illuminate in a smooth two-stage chasing sequence before fully illuminating.

Sequential Turn Signal. These headlights also feature a sequential amber LED turn signal. Every time the turn signal is activated, amber LEDs activate across the top and bottom of the lamp in a smooth chasing sequence, then they automatically revert back to the DRL.

Selectable DRL. These headlights feature a selectable DRL that allows you to choose between cool white or amber. Best of all, you can switch colors easily.

Road Legal. When installed and aimed properly Form Lighting headlights meet all standards and regulations for on-road use in the United States and Canada.

Plug-and-Play. Our 4Runner headlights are completely plug-and-play. No errors, flickering, or hyperflashing! Adapters are also included for the running lights, if your truck doesn't come with them from the factory.

With these premium OE-grade replacements, you'll add triple LED projectors, sequential turn signals, startup sequence, LED running light, and a more aggressive, modern appearance.

Included Quantity: Pair (Left and Right Side)