4X Innovations Drivetrain Skid Plate Set for 10-23 4Runner

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  • 100% bolt on, no drilling, no welding, no modification required
  • Available for non KDSS and KDSS compatible front skid
  • Flat belly skid system
  • 1/4" thick, made in the USA, HD Front and Engine Skid
  • Full width front and under engine protection also protects A arm mounts
  • Oil filter and drain plug access ports, no need to remove the skid for oil changes.
  • Uses factory and included hardware. All included hardware is stainless steel
  • Transmission skid mounts to trans cross member
  • Transfer Case Skid has included support structure
  • Transfer Case Skid held up by bottom of frame
  • Skid System is fully compatible with 4x Innovations Bolt On Rock Sliders
  • Logo plate shown not included by default. Get one free using coupon code FREELOGO during checkout.

Building on our industry strongest bolt on rock sliders, we are proud to offer this super duty drive-train skid kit for the 5th Gen 4Runners. Like everything here at 4x Innovations we have designed this kit to give you the utmost strength for that easy peace of mind on that new off road adventure. 
The first thing you will notice with this great skid kit is the flat, full coverage profile. This skid kit starts at the front of the truck tucking a 1/4" thick steel skid plate up to the bottom of the frame and siting flush with the front of the frame. This allows any bumper that mounts to the front or flat to the bottom of the frame to fit with our front skid. Our front section of the skid is now available in two versions. If you have the KDSS system we've got you covered, or if you don't, we have a high clearance version just for you. Both versions use 1/4" high grade, made in the USA steel as it is the most likely to see high force impacts when offroading. From there the 1/4" thick engine skid bolts to the back edge of the front skid with a full width 1/4" backing plate and to the frame for superior strength. Oil changes are simple to perform with the oil filter and drain plug access ports that are provided in the front and engine skids. 
After the engine skid you'll have full frame width coverage for the transmission and transfer cases from 3/16" thick high grade, made in the USA steel. The transmission skid bolts to the back of the engine skid with a full width backing plate, and to the transmission cross member. Internal support ribs provide additional strength to the skid plate. There is clearance for our bolt on rock slider mounting bracket set. 
The transfer case skid mounts to the back of the transmission skid plate with another backing plate. The transfer case skid is also supported by the frame and bolts to special mounting plates that also help mount out bolt on rock slider tying the two together. Additionally internal support member and rear support flange support the transfer case cross member. Relief bucket makes the skid compatible with the stock exhaust.

You can offroad with peace of mind with this premium heavy duty skid plate kit! This kit reuses 6 stock bolts, and includes all new stainless button head and countersink bolts for the remaining needed hardware. Skids are steel and require painting. We recommend POR-15 over powder coat for skid plates. 

The front skid is available compatible with the KDSS system or a high clearance version for those without the KDSS system.