96-02 4Runner Rear 2 Tube Bypass Shocks

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Radflo takes great pride in manufacturing premier shock absorbers that are engineered to outlast and outperform the competition. Through refined craftsmanship Radflo's products are built to order and all components are manufactured from the highest quality materials and machined engineering. As a result our product line is not only efficient but dependable and provide high performance outcomes.

Our commitment is to provide top tier client services to our loyal-passionate consumer base and enthusiasts without compromising quality and price. We thank you for selecting Radflo.

All Radflo Shocks are custom built-to-order, and uniquely valved to meet you and your vehicle's unique needs and specifications. After your order is placed, we will send you a Shock Tuning Questionnaire to fill out, so the builders know exactly how to valve your shocks for ideal performance and ride quality. This is what we mean by "built-to-order"!

Note: It's tight under there! Take extra care to ensure clearance between shock tubes and the frame / surrounding mounts. Completely cycle the suspension (by removing the springs) to ensure full clearance without bind or interference prior to driving the vehicle. Shock damage due to improper mounting is NOT covered under Radflo's warranty. Please contact us during install AFTER cycling the suspension and PRIOR to driving the vehicle if you are unsure of your install method.

Sold individually. Extended travel shocks require extended rear brake lines. Adjustable rear upper control arms recommended to correct pinion angle and avoid joint damage. Average current turnaround time 10-12 weeks