Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Kit for JT Rear (12 1/2 Inch Long Rods Sealed Rod Ends Thru-Bolt Heims Jam Nuts Misalignment Spacers pair) RockJock 4X4

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RockJock's Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Set features 12 1/2 inch long link rods and their high-end sealed rod ends at one end and thru-bolt heim joints at the opposite end. The rods feature 2 5/8 inch of 1/2 inch-20 LH thread and 2 5/8 inch of 1/2 inch-20 RH thread, providing adjustment as-is and extra thread, allowing you to cut them shorter as deemed necessary by your application.

Link sets are included in their Antirock Sway Bar Kits, but are able to be used universally in many applications to replace non-adjustable sway bar links. Additionally, if you have changed the lift amount on your vehicle you may need a different length of sway bar links to accommodate your new lift.

You can simply buy a complete new link set to accommodate your needs. The studded, sealed rod ends in this kit feature 12mm-1.75 RH thread studs and locking nuts and jam nuts are included.

These links and sealed rod ends are a direct replacement for link sets that feature heim joints. This set also includes 4 misalignment spacers as we use this set in JT Gladiator rear applications.