ARB Toyota 8.9 Inch Spline 32 Air Locking Differential - RD232



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Fits 2016 and UP Tacoma Rear with 8.9" Ring Gear (All Manual Transmissions and factory locker equipped trucks)

ARB Air locker 32 spline locking differentials allow you to tackle the toughest terrain. The world's premier traction aid, ARB air locking differentials keep you moving in all conditions.

A Complete Air Locker Kit: Replacement differential, activation switch, solenoid valve, airline, and bulkhead fittings.

Please Note: Not all units are supplied with replacement carrier bearings.

Required Parts 
One of the below 3 parts is required for installing this product on your vehicle (sold separately).

  • CKSA12 air compressor (extremely compact, operates up to 2 air lockers, not intended for oversized tire inflation)
  • CKMA12 air compressor (compact, operates up to 2 air lockers, and will inflate tires when paired with a 171302)
  • CKMTA12 air compressor (still compact, operates up to 2 air lockers when paired with 171503, will inflate tires AND run air tools when paired with a 171302 and will run even faster when paired with 171501air tank)