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Short Bed
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-REMOTE RESERVOIR ONLY, piggy back reservoirs will not work with these towers as your axle moves around. Order STRAIGHT hose fitting out of top cap as pictured!  

-2.5x12" shocks are the best fit, give the best ground clearance, plus most aftermarket HD springs max out @ 12" shock travel

-Don't mix LT and MT, true LT SUA conversions that move the springs outboard may will interfere with these axle tabs and u-bolt saddle.  

-Proper install involves setting up off of MAX bump height


-Puts top shock as high as possible! (3.5"+ higher than other kits)  This allows FULL bump travel, which is critical on the Tacoma.  

-The only kit available to fit 2.5" up to 14" travel without cutting the bed (2 holes drilled in bed shelf per side for towers to limit leverage on the frame).

-This "under bed" kit allows bolting to bed for less frame stress than other kits, which also allows a crossbar to be fit to lock out the frame rails from rotating inward.

-Laser cut from 3/16" HSLA 50,000 psi steel and CNC brake-formed towers for toughness.  Towers are blasted and powder primed for better corrosion resistance in wintery conditions.

-Axle tabs (included) have gusset for stability that connects to axle tube to combat force under compression and rock hits. 

Shock info:

-piggy back reservoirs will NOT work with these towers.

-Order Remote reservoir hose with STRAIGHT fitting perpendicular to shaft

-Mounting tabs sized for standard rod-end shocks (1.5" wide, 1/2" bolt) from King and Fox
-Requires min 1.50" wheel spacers with 4.75" backspacing for smooth body, Bypasses with tubes forward should go to 2.0" wheel spacers

-Ideal 3.5 or 4.0" backspacing wheel with 1.25" spacer.  Tire rubbing may be an issue otherwise   

-For shock sales with tuning included, is highly recommended, Phone: (424)-377-0808 

-Designed to fit 2.5" body shocks: 


2.5" x 12" Bypass Shock Info:

 Note: We do not guarantee that bypasses will fit due to the numerous brands and possible custom layouts you can order.  

-Many have successfully installed 2.5" bypasses, 3.0 bypass will not fit

-Best layout: bypass tubes placed forward towards engine, with remote hose elbow towards the rear bumper.

-We recommend only 12" travel bypasses because shock piston at normal ride height needs to be below comp. tube ports/zones    

-Bypasses require more wheel spacer, expect to need 2.0" wheel spacers, and requires extra attention and cycling checks when installing towers and axle tabs.    

-King/Fox 3-tube bypass with remote resi will fit with tubes forward towards engine, and remote resi hose rearward