Archive Leaf Pack For 05-2023 Tacoma

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Archive Tacoma are available now after over a year of testing!. We have been tested these on a dozen trucks with HD and 5 trucks for the MD for over a year now with good results. Are you sick of buying leaf packs that lose lift under load, well look no further. These are the best new leaf springs on the market at a fraction of the cost!


Medium Duty: 200-700 Pounds Of Bed Weight. Utilizes a Full 3" Of Lift With 400-500 Pounds Of Weight. 

Heavy Duty: 700-1100 Pounds Of Bed Weight. Will Retain 3" Of Lift With 1000 Pounds Of Bed Weight

Made in USA with North American steel, full military wrap, diamond point ends.


Bushings are included with every purchase, however U-Bolts must be purchased separately.