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17x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -18/4.500
17x9.5 | 6x139.70 | 6/5.500
18x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -18/4.500
18x9.5 | 6x139.70 | 6/5.500
20x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -18/4.500
20x9.5 | 6x139.70 | 6/5.500

Black Rhino Axle is our first wheel designed specifically for use without a covered center cap.

The Axle off-road wheel design is influenced by our popular Armory and Arsenal military wheel styles but offers the option for the wheel to be used with an exposed axle hub. This provides the freedom to use the Axle wheel with manual locking hubs, larger axle swap kits, and trucks with large hubs.

The Black Rhino Axle is also our first wheel ever to be offered in a unique Gloss White finish. Matte Black is also a standard finish for a more aggressive look.