Bay Area Metal Fab 2005-2021 Tacoma Rear Shock Relocation Kit

Bay Area Metal Fab


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The BAMF 2005 to 2021 rear shock relocation kit allows you to run 12" shocks. When lifting your truck your stock mounting locations are not spaced out enough to allow a shock that doesn't act as a limit strap. This kit completely removes the stock mounting locations and replaces them with 1/4" plate. We have been selling this kit for over six years with hundreds of customers running them and loving it. It's a simple cost effective and proven solution over the years for countless applications from rock crawlers and expo rigs to prerunners.


NOTE you don't have to run KING shocks but they are the only shocks we have tested with this kit so others may not work in the buckets.


KING shocks tested: KING Part# PR2012-SS, 12.0" stroke, 31.585" Extended Length, 19.585" Collapsed Length, 7/8" Shaft Dia.


Below is what the kit contains, if you have less please contact us.