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17x8.5 | 6x139.70 | 0/4.750
17x9 | 6x139.70 | 12/5.250
17x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -18/4.540
18x8.5 | 6x139.70 | 0/4.750
18x9 | 6x139.70 | 12/5.740
18x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -18/4.540
20x8.5 | 6x139.70 | 0/4.750
20x9 | 6x139.70 | 12/5.740
20x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -18/4.540

The Black Rhino Chase is our latest lightweight Rotary Forged offering for 6-lug truck wheels and SUV wheels. 17-inch sizes start at 24 pounds per wheel with a load rating of 2,250 lbs/wheel.

For heavy-duty applications, the Chase is also offered with a load rating of 2,450 lbs/wheel with wheel weights starting at 25 pounds per wheel.

This results in weight savings up to 25% compared to identical sizes from our competition's wheels. All sizes are available with 8.5", 9", and 9.5" widths. Standard finishes are Matte Black and an all-new Brushed Gunmetal finish.

* The Chase Rotary Forged® Wheel is manufactured using a highly advanced production technique called Rotary Forging. The rim of the wheels is forged at high pressure while the wheel is spun at high speed. This alters the molecular structure and enhances the strength of the alloy. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel. Most importantly, the weight saving is in the outer rim of the wheel which dramatically reduces rotational mass and enhances vehicle performance.