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Completely Lock your Axle with the Press of a Button Although your Jeep's front and rear axle does a pretty decent job in some off-road terrains, it can't pull your vehicle over every obstacle while traversing uneven terrain. That's where Eaton's Dann 44 30-Spline Front or Rear E-Locker comes to play. The E-locker is an electronic, electable differential for drivers that want full control and traction at the push of a button, giving you the ability to lock your tires together along the axle and help pull your Jeep out of even some of the most unforeseen circumstances. The E-Locker has net-forged gears for maximum strength and durability, and locking the tires together sends all of the available torque to both wheels equally upon your command, providing maximum traction and giving you the ability to rip yourself out of the most rugged and challenging terrain. Like all of Eaton's differentials, their E-Locker is built using high-quality materials, making this a great addition to those who constantly finding themselves battling tough trails and extreme terrain. High-Quality Construction & Internal Gearing Eaton builds each E-Locker with a responsive electromagnetic locking mechanism with net-forged internal gears, all contained within a strong case to handle just about any off-road application you can think of. The E-Locker is also designed with 4 alloy pinion gears to handle the high-levels of torque when the locker is activated, so you'll be more than prepared to push through brand new terrains you've always wanted to explore. Installation is made simple and straightforward as this locker was designed for a direct replacement of your existing components. Best of all, this unit is backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty to help protect your investment.