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Impressive Off-Road Traction Eaton's Detroit Truetrac Limited Slip Differentials are a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts alike when it comes to performance drivetrain upgrades, and adding one of these bad boys to your off-road warrior will provide you with impressive off-road traction without draining your wallet like a full locking differential. This Detroit Truetrac Differential also features helical-style pinion gears that ensures reliability over all of your performance applications. The truetrac has a smooth and quiet operation, so the only way you'll know if it's engaged is when you suddenly have a ton of a traction. The limited-slip design of this differential limits the amount of wheel-spin along your axle when tackling extreme terrain, giving you the ability to crawl out of any situation while still maintaining quality on-road performance. Automatic Engagement and a Maintenance-Free Design. Eaton carefully designs and constructs each of their differentials using premium components to provide maximum strength and long-lasting functionality. Specifically, the Detroit Truetrac Limited Slip Differential features precision-cut helical gears and pinions housed in a high-strength flanged body that comes completely pre-assembled and ready to drop in your vehicle's rear axle. The TrueTrac also has no wearable parts and required no maintenance other than standard differential fluid changes, keeping you on the road longer so you can explore more. The TrueTrac automatically engages when a wheel experiences traction loss, so you won't have to do a thing when you're out on the trails. During normal driving, the TrueTrac operates like a standard differential to keep your street drive smooth and quiet. Moreover, the TrueTrac Limited Slip Differential is designed to drop right into place of your factory differential; although, a moderate level of mechanical skills is recommended for the installation process. Best of all, this kit is backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty to help keep your investment protected.