Icon Adjustable Track Bar Kit for 2003-2009 Lexus GX470 4WD

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54200 Factory Rear Adjustable Track Bar 1


The ICON Adjustable Rear Track bar is the best way to optimize your 4-wheel handling and rear axle alignment. When your vehicle'ear track alignment is off center it can cause premature tire wear and negatively affect the vehicle'andling characteristics. This bar is easily installed, and can be adjusted on the vehicle to properly center the rear axle.

While highly recommended for all FJ, 4Runner and GX builds, KDSS equipped vehicles require this adjustable rear track bar to increase clearance from the KDSS components as the suspension approaches full extension.

Features & Benefits

  • On truck Adjustability using ICON'inch housing and double adjuster
  • 3/4" Rod End and Polyurethane Pivots, for excellent strength and longevity
  • High Misalignment Spacers for Excellent Articulation
  • ICON Vehicle Dynamics Life Time Warranty

Installation Instructions & Docs