JL 2 Inch Lift Stage 1 Suspension System 4 Dr Synergy MFG

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Synergy MFG Suspension Systems use a synergistic approach, meaning the combined effect of the components is greater than the sum of the individual parts. The overall performance of the system is the most important factor when we are designing components to work together. Synergy MFG Suspension Systems are complete systems for your vehicle and include all necessary components for the lift height and performance advertised.

All of these systems have shock solutions available, whether it be shock relocation brackets to continue using the stock shocks in our Starter System or one of our Synergy MFG tuned shock packages aimed at affordability or performance.

Coil springs and shocks are two of the largest determining factors in ride quality and a mismatched system will never perform to its potential. All Synergy MFG tuned shocks are matched to the coil springs and application to provide the best ride and performance possible.

The Jeep JL Stage 1 Suspension System is a coil spring 2-inch lift designed around 37-inch tires for Rubicon models and 35-inch tires for non-Rubicon models. This system is based on the Starter System with the addition of some key upgrades allowing for increased wheel travel, drivability, and performance. For more complete 2-inch lift systems, see the Stage 2 systems.

Fits: 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JLU
Lift Height: 2 inches (Over Stock Rubicon)
Wheel Travel: Capable of 10.2 inches Front, 11 inches Rear (+2.7 inches front and +2.4 inches rear over stock Rubicon) when used with Synergy Tuned Shocks and optimal bump stop spacing
Tire Size: Up to 37-inch Rubicon, 35-inch non-Rubicon


  • Coil spring suspension system to easily fit larger tires
  • Corrects suspension geometry to center axles and fine tune alignment
  • Greatly improves wheel travel and articulation over stock and spacer lifts
  • Best in class ride quality and performance when paired with coil spring matched Synergy Tuned Shocks.
  • Includes all components necessary to get you on the trail
  • Complete Bolt-on System for easy install
  • Compatible with OEM wheels
  • No maintenance required for all included components
  • Lifetime Warranty on all hard parts
  • Fully upgradeable to higher level systems


  • Multi-rate, progressively wound coil springs increase lift height to 2 inches over stock. Front and rear coil springs are all new and have been designed specifically for the JL platform. Like OEM, the coil springs are unique lengths for each corner of the vehicle to compensate for weight distribution and prevent leaning. Longest in class free length prevents coil springs from coming unseated at full articulation and coil spring block height has been designed around optimal bump stop spacing for the lift height and tire size. Industry first closed and ground lower ends of the front coil springs ensure perfect fitment with the included front lower coil spring isolators. Our coil springs are guaranteed to resist bowing and have a lifetime guarantee against sagging/breakage.
  • Front and rear adjustable bump stop spacer kits are included to provide the necessary clearance required for larger tires. Bump stop spacing is adjustable from 2-4 inches in 1-inch increments without having to remove any hardware.
  • Stock rear sway bar links are relocated to the front and new rear sway bar links and drop brackets are added to the rear to allow full articulation of the rear suspension and maintain compatibility with stock wheels.
  • Front sway bar link relocation brackets paired with the stock rear sway bar links relocated to the front allows full articulation out of the front suspension.
  • Front adjustable lower control arms are included to correct caster and prevent the wandering sensation commonly associated with lifting a Jeep. These control arms feature our maintenance free Dual Durometer Bushings (DDB) focusing on performance, flex, longevity, and ride quality. and double adjusters.... No cam bolts, no jam nuts.
  • Front adjustable track bar allows centering of the front axle and reduces flex in the front end.
  • Rear track bar relocation bracket raises the rear roll center to reduce body roll and centers the rear axle while preventing drive shaft interference with the gas tank which is possible with long travel shocks.
  • Parking brake cable bracket secures the parking brake cables when they are relocated under the rear crossmember so they don’t impede suspension travel.
  • Optional Synergy Tuned Shocks
  • Suspension components feature an abrasion-resistant powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • 100% bolt on components assure an easy, trouble free installation with the use of basic hand tools.

Improvements from the Synergy MFG Starter System:

  • Adds Front Lower Adjustable Control Arms to correct caster for the additional lift height
  • Adds Front Adjustable Track Bar to center the front axle
  • Adds Raised Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket to reduce body roll and center the rear axle
  • Adds Parking Brake Cable Relocation Bracket to prevent the parking brake cables from limiting down travel
  • Optional Synergy Tuned Shock Package for increased wheel travel, handling, and comfort


  • Synergy MFG coil springs lift the vehicle the advertised height over stock based on a fully loaded JL Rubicon. Other JL models will see more lift over stock. These coil springs do not lift taller than advertised. The stock rake based off the Rubicon model is kept to retain its load carrying capacity. If you prefer the vehicle to sit level when unloaded, we recommend adding a small coil spacer to the front (up to 3/4 inch without affecting up travel or causing coil bind, 8017-075).
  • For off road use, the front sway bar can be disconnected on Rubicon vehicles via the built in electronic disconnect system. On non-Rubicon vehicles, we recommend the addition of our front sway bar disconnect kit, 8859-01.
  • Synergy is not responsible for maintaining finish of products. Environmental factors will affect rate of corrosion and wear for items advertised to be corrosion resistant. We recommend using protective coatings for all items that will see extended outdoor and off road use. We have had great experience with the Fluid Film product and recommend it and similar products for any items susceptible to damage from corrosion. It is great for keeping double adjuster assemblies working like new and protecting shock bodies from the elements.

Wheel and Tire Fitment:
Recommended tire size is limited by fender clearance. With higher clearance fenders or trimmed fenders, larger tires may be fitted. Bump stop spacing should be matched to the collapsed length of the shocks. Mismatched bump stop spacing and shocks will limit the available travel from the system.

Our Wheel and Tire recommendations will result in no or very little rubbing at full articulation and steering. Some stock bumper configurations may require more trimming than others. Less than our recommended bump stop spacing can be run (up to 2 inches of bump stop spacing), but fenders and inner fenders will need to be trimmed for additional clearance.
Backspacing recommendations are based on wheel or wheel and wheel spacer combinations. With stock wheels, adding wheel spacers is equivalent to running 4.5 inches or less of backspacing.