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17x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -12/4.500
17x9.5 | 6x139.70 | 12/5.700
18x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -12/4.500
18x9.5 | 6x139.70 | 12/5.700
20x9.5 | 6x139.70 | -12/4.500
20x9.5 | 6x139.70 | 12/5.700

The Black Rhino Rotorua is built with a maximum concave and aggressive stance in mind. Named after a northern city in New Zealand, the wheel draws inspiration from the island’s unique truck culture. A race influenced multispoke aesthetic is broadened up and sharpened to fit the tough lines of UTE vehicles.

Rotorua is built around vehicle specific brakes to offer maximum concavity and is also offered with different center cap options to accommodate protruding vehicle hubs.

The aftermarket rim is available in 20x9.5, 18x9.5, and 17x9.5 in high and low offsets.