U Bolt Flip Kit 9.4 Inch For 05-22 Tacoma

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The DuroBumps U-bolt Flip Kit is designed to replace the light-gauge OEM U-bolts and factory leaf-spring plate with high-quality, 9/16 inch diameter U-bolts 9.4 inch long and a heavy-duty 3/8 inch steel flip-plate with bent ends, making it the toughest, highest quality U-bolt flip kit on the market.

Toyota trucks leave the factory with a less-than-ideal U-bolt configuration. The U-bolt threads are located under the rear axle and pointing toward the ground, thus reducing under-axle clearance. This can make a critical difference in clearance while off-roading, causing the rear axle to get hung up or caught on rocks.

The DuroBumps U-bolt configuration solves this problem by inverting the U-bolt threads so they point upward. Our 9/16 inch steel U-bolts saddle the axle tube, with the threads facing upward, which means little-to-no chance of getting hung up, caught, or exposed to damage.

The U-bolts mount the rear axle to the leaf pack, using a 3/8 inch thick steel plate with bent ends. The plate sits on top of the rear leaf pack, for even greater protection for the U-bolt threads.
The flip plate is black powder coated, and all supplied U-bolts are black. All Tacoma rear DuroBumps options bolt-on quickly and easily. All provided hardware is zinc coated.
Features and benefits

  • Increased under-axle clearance - By inverting the factory U-bolt assembly, DuroBumps U-bolt Flip kits greatly increase under axle clearance and increase the durability of the U-bolts.
  • 9/16 inch U-bolt diameter - 9/16 inch diameter U-bolts ensure a strong, secure fit, more than ample for withstanding the extra wear and tear of off-roading.
  • 3/8 steel mounting plate - DuroBumps' black powder coated 3/8 inch thick flip-plates are much more robust and durable than the spindly OEM-stamped steel mounting plates. DuroBumps flip plates are mounted above the rear leaf pack, protecting them from rocks and debris, compared to OEM plates that are exposed beneath the rear axle housing and reduce under-axle clearance.
  • Easy installation - With provided instructions, replacing the OEM U-bolts with a DuroBumps Flip Kit is simple, requiring just basic tools.

Note: For off-road use only. By installing these aftermarket products on your vehicle, you assume all risk and liability. DuroBumps will not be held liable for any damages or loss associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason. Size: 10 x 5.5 x 4 (set) Weight: 12 lbs. (set) Part DBFK01: U-bolt Flip Kit
What's included:

  • (2) Two 3/8 inch steel flip plates
  • (4) Four 9/16 inch Dia. U-bolts
  • (4) Zinc coated tall nuts
  • (4) Zinc coated thick washers
  • (1) Mounting hardware kit (to mount DuroBumps bump stops)

Tools required:

  • Jack and jack stands
  • 19 mm deep socket wrench or lug wrench
  • Scraper or wire brush to clean debris
  • Torque wrench

Step 1: Following vehicle manufacturer recommendations, use a properly rated jack. Lift the rear of the truck with floor jack and support the frame rails with jack stands. Lower the truck so the weight is resting fully on the jack stands.
Be sure to use jack stands!
Step 2: Work on one side at a time. Support the axle using a floor jack. Loosen and remove the nuts on the OEM square-shaped U-bolts using a 19 mm deep socket wrench. Remove the two OEM U-bolts and OEM mounting plate.
Step 3: Use a scraper or wire brush to clean any mud/debris from the top of the leaf pack.
Step 4: Install DuroBumps flip plate on top of the leaf pack, with the leaf pack detent bolt centered with the flip plate. Install the new U-bolts with the threaded end facing upward toward the bed of the truck. Use the provided washer and tall nut to fasten the U-bolts to the flip plate. Tighten nuts until snug. The U-bolts can be tightened evenly and torqued to 93 ft. lbs.
Step 5: Repeat steps 2 - 4 on the other side.
Step 6: Reinstall wheels and lower vehicle back to the ground. Torque lug nuts to factory specifications.
Note: All U-bolts stretch after installation. It is very important to recheck the torque of your U-bolt nuts after driving 250, 500, and 1000 miles after initial install. Again, you need to check your U-bolts' torque to verify that they are 93 ft. lbs. after 250, 500, and 1000 miles after initial install. All U-bolts stretch after being installed and need to be re-torqued.
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