Tuff Stuff® Overland RTT Anti-Condensation Mat, fits Alpha's & Stealth

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Alpha II

The Tuff Stuff Anti-Condensation Mat to help combat moisture buildup. Place under the mattress of the Alpha, Alpha II, or Stealth Rooftop Tent for extra circulation that helps fight condensation from forming on the tent’s walls and floor.

• Installs easily under the mattress of the appropriate Rooftop Tent
 Fights condensation and mildew buildup inside of your tent


  • Alpha II Anti-Condensation 2 piece Mat L/W/H: 48 x 56 x 1/4 inches
  • Alpha & Stealth Anti-Condensation 2 piece Mat L/W/H: 48 x 76 x 1/4 inches


  1. Remove the mattress from the tent.
  2. Lay the 2 mats on both surfaces of the tent floor so there is no overlapping
  3. Add the Velcro to each corner of the mats, then adhere to the RTT floor
  4. Reinstall the mattress inside of the tent and the mattress will line up with Velcro strips on the top of the mat
  5. This is done so the mat does not slide out while opening the tent.

Q & A

Why use an anti-condensation mat?

The answer is simple; to reduce the condensation inside of your tent that can occur underneath the mattress. Don't learn the hard way like us when it comes time to go home and you notice moisture dripping down the floor of your tent... Add an anti-condensation mat and make your rooftop tent last for years!

Why would there be moisture in the tent?

Because the tent holds its temperature inside so well and the floors are made of aluminum, body heat transfers through the floor causing varying temperatures between the outside and inside surfaces (temperature gradient). When this temperature change occurs, moisture can also occur under the mattress on the warmest part of the floor. To eliminate this, add our 1/4 inch anti-condensation mat which provides a layer between your body and the aluminum floor to reduce the temperature change which leads to moisture. Think of drinking ice water from an aluminum cup. This is why an anti-condensation mat is so important.