Tuff Stuff® Tire Repair Kit Includes Tools, Plugs, Patches & Storage Case

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Our Tuff Stuff® tire repair kit will give you all of the necessary items & tools to mend your flat tire/punctured sidewall such as tire patch seal kit, mending wire, tire plugs, reamers, a gauge, and more!

What's even better is its compact & easy to store soft-case for wedging into your glove box, center council, under the seat, or even your recovery kit. At such an affordable price, there’s NO REASON you should ever be stranded on the trail with a flat tire!


  • Compact carrying case, 1qty
  • Vulcanizing tire plugs, 20 qty
  • Heavy Duty reaming tool, 1qty
  • Heavy-duty plug tool, 1qty
  • Rubber cement lubricating tube, 1qty
  • Folding razor blade for removing excess, 1 qty
  • Tire pressure gauge, 1 qty
  • Tire patches for interior sidewall punctures, 2 qty
  • Spare valve stems, 2 qty
  • Needle nose pliers with wire cutters, 1 qty